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  Several of our customers have already enjoyed the convenience of a prepaid card.  If you are wondering what all the hype is about, read on!  This type of card is gaining in popularity for people that donít have a bank account or donít want to travel or shop using cash or a debit / credit card.  Our prepaid card is VISA® branded so it is accepted anywhere VISA® cards are accepted. 


These prepaid cards are known as General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) cards that can be loaded (funded) via direct deposit of your wages, tax refunds, social security or other payments and, of course, cash.  Enjoy the flexibility of shopping online merchants, paying bills through online bill payment, paying recurring bills, payment for orders via the phone and even payment of different subscriptions.  This type of card is very versatile and can even be used to withdraw cash at an ATM machine. 


What is great about this card is that it cannot be overdrawn so it is a fantastic idea for college students or if you have spotty credit and cannot qualify for a credit card, it is a suitable alternative to allow you the same flexibility of shopping with plastic.   Stop by either bank to sign up for our new GPR card and start enjoying the convenience of plastic!





Q:  My wife and I would like to know how large a nest egg we need to retire. I understand there's no magic number, but what do you think is a good number to shoot for?

A:  You'd never know it for all the attention "The Number" gets in retirement planning. But the fact is that the road to retirement has far too many twists and turns to pin down your savings effort to any single number -- magic or otherwise.  Focus on retirement topics ó from planning to spending, and other issues that affect you.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have some sort of target to help you get and stay on track toward a secure retirement. Research shows that people who have a goal are more than twice as likely to feel confident about accumulating the savings they'll need. 

But I don't think that goal should be a single figure. One reason is that the very specific numbers that some calculators and retirement planning software programs spit out create a false sense of precision. Can you really know at 45 that you'll need $1,596,743 to retire? Of course not.  To find out more, click Retirement Planning...