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Before traveling, please call to update your primary phone number to your cell phone so that out-of-area transactions can be verified..

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You need to call from the primary phone number we have on our system.  

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Travel, Gift and GPR Cards

Travel EMV Cards

Planning a vacation?  Take our Travel EMV card with you for added security and safety. You will love this card since it is accepted internationally and the new EMV chip provides additional fraud protection.  The card can be reloaded at the Bank or at locations world wide (ask us for more information).  You can use as a debit (PIN transaction) or credit (signature) and withdraw cash at ATMs everywhere.


Gift Cards

Give them what they really want!  These single use cards are available up to $1,000 and can be used at retailers nationwide. These cards they are not tied to a particular merchant so the recipient gets to choose where they spend the money - theaters, grocery store or clothes shopping!   Perfect for graduation, birthdays, weddings or a special thank you!

GPR Cards

The GPR (general purpose cards) are perfect for those that may not qualify for a checking account or credit card and want the benefits of a credit card without the need to go through the credit verification process.  Money can be directly deposited on the card to save a trip to the Bank to cash a check and transactions and balances can be checked online.  You can access your cash at an ATM machine, pay for recurring bills like utilities, insurance or cable.   You can use the card for online purchases, too.  Text alerts can be set up for low balance, payments processed - a large variety of notifications.  You'll find the Visa Prepaid Card is a convenient, secure and easy to use everywhere Visa debit card are accepted, including retail stores and on the internet.



The Travel EMV, Gift and GPR cards are issued by The Bancorp Bank. Member FDIC.