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ATM/Debit Cards (After Hours)

Lost or stolen card  


Before traveling, please call to update your primary phone number to your cell phone so that out-of-area transactions can be verified..

New Card Activation


You need to call from the primary phone number we have on our system.  

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Miscellaneous Services & Fees

Miscellaneous Fees
ATM and Visa® Debit Card
Replace ATM/Debit card $10.00 per occurrence
Cash withdrawal ATM dollar limit $300.00 per day
Point of Sale - Consumer $1,000.00 within a 24 hour period
Point of Sale - Business $2,500.00 within a 24 hour period
BillPay Services

Free with select checking accounts. Otherwise $5.95 per month.


Expedited Payments:          Electronic Payment - $5.00

                                            Overnight Check Payment - $25.00

Official Checks / Check Cashing
Cashier's Check $1.00 per hundred, $10.00 maximum
Money Order $1.00 per hundred
Check Cashing Service $5.00 for non-customers
Visa ® General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Prepaid, Travel  & Gift Cards
GPR Initial Card Purchase $9.95
GPR Additional Card $5.00
EMV Travel Card $10.00
Travel Card $7.50
Gift Card $5.00
Reload Fee (GPR & Travel Cards) $2.00
Other Account Fees
Overdraft Fee $27.00 per item
Returned Item Fee $27.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee $27.00 per item
Dormant Account Fee $2.00 per month
Garnishments, Executions, & Levies $20.00
Abandoned Property Research Fee $50.00 per account
Indemnity Bond for Lost Documents $20.00
Check Collection $20.00
Customer Service Fees
Account Research Fee $20.00 per hour
Statement Reconciliation Fee $15.00 per hour
Copy of Statement $5.00
Counter Checks

1-8           $3.00

9-16         $5.00

17-28       $7.00

29-40     $10.00

Copy of Check Image $5.00 minimum; after 5 items $1.00 each

Additional Statement Binder                $10.00

Check Printing                                      Fee depends on style of checks ordered



Wire Transfer
Customer Incoming $5.00 each
Outgoing (domestic) $20.00 each
Outgoing (foreign) Upon Request
Non-Customer Incoming $15.00 each
Destruction of confidential and private papers
Half Bin $25.00
 Full Bin $50.00
Customer No charge
Non-Customer $5.00 per page
Customer 5 copies free; 30¢ per page
Non-Customer 30¢ per page
Outgoing $4.00 first page; $1.00 each additional page
Incoming $1.00 per page
Coin Counting Service
Customer No Charge
Non-Customer 10% of total
Safe Deposit Boxes*
3"x5" $20.00 per year
3"x6.5" $20.00 per year
5"x5" $20.00 per year
3"x10" $25.00 per year
6"x10" $30.00 per year
9"x10" $45.00 per year
16"x12" $75.00 per year
          *Contents are not FDIC insured  
Key Replacement Fee $30.00
Box Drilling $125.00
Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA)
HSA Annual Reporting Fee $25.00
HSA Termination Fee $35.00
IRA Termination Fee $35.00


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