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Ruby Valley Bank is located in Madison County in southwestern Montana. Madison County takes its name from the Madison River, named by Lewis and Clark in honor of James Madison, who was Secretary of State at the time of their exploration into what is now Montana in 1805. The county is one of the oldest in the state and the area around Twin Bridges and Sheridan is rich in historical lore. Sheridan is not far from the famed Alder Gulch, scene of one of the most important placer developments in the state. The Ruby Valley lies between the Ruby Range on the south and the Tobacco Root Mountains on the north. This high country provides excellent summer ranges for livestock, plus some excellent scenery for the tourists who are attracted by the many points of historical interest and sporting activities to be found in Madison County.



The First National Bank of Twin Bridges was established April 13, 1917 with William A Clark of Virginia City as President. The original board of directors included R.W. Rossiter of Sheridan, Frank Reid, Lynn Comfort, A.R. Smith, J.F. Jenkins and Jesse A. Frazer of Twin Bridges and A.T. Hibbard of Helena.



The Sheridan State Bank was formed on January 6, 1903 with Winthrup Raymond serving as President. The Sheridan State Bank became The Bank of Sheridan on December 27, 1930 with R.W. Rossiter as President. Rossiter, C.C. Hill, W.H. Foster and G.N. Latus formed the original board of directors.



In 1990, TwinCo, Inc., the holding company for the First National Bank of Twin Bridges, purchased the Bank of Sheridan. The two banks merged in 1991 and were renamed Ruby Valley National Bank.  On October 3, 2016, the bank converted from a national banking association to commercial bank under the Montana Bank Act and changed their name to Ruby Valley BankRuby Valley Bank continues to serve the residents of Madison County with a primary focus on agricultural production.


Presidents - Sheridan Presidents - Twin Bridges

Winthrop Raymond


WA Clark

1917 -1920

HD Rossiter


Frank Reid


WA Clark


AR Smith


RW Rossiter


Paris Robert


John Will


Russell Edwards


AW Robert


Ken Hendrix


Ruth Opie


Ken Walsh


Paul Robert




Gary C. Huff




Robert T. Smith




Robert F. Burke






Ruby Valley Bank will strive to be the premier provider of the financial needs of our community, its businesses, and its citizens, with the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality. We feel we can best provide these needs and services as a locally owned independent bank.


(1) The Bank's most important asset is its customers. Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of our customers, and our employees are hired to meet the needs of customers. High quality customer service is the true mission of this Bank.


(2) A second mission of Ruby Valley Bank is to operate the Bank in ways that maximize the positive aspects of Bank employment. Without motivated, dedicated, and responsible employees, it would be impossible for the Bank to render high quality customer service. This Bank is and will be a responsible employer dedicated to the well-being of all its employees. All bank employees will be treated with respect and dignity and will be given equal opportunity and a fair wage regardless of race, color, sex, age, or physical condition.


(3) A third mission of this Bank is to maximize its sustainable earnings and provide equitable and consistent rate of return to the shareholders. That is, we want to maximize the total earnings of the Bank over the long term and maintain a sound financial statement.


(4) Ruby Valley Bank is a responsible citizen and business leader of the community. The Bank takes its citizenship duties seriously and will not knowingly take actions that are adverse to the best interests of the families and businesses of the community. We will serve our community with integrity and pride.

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