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Before traveling, please call to update your primary phone number to your cell phone so that out-of-area transactions can be verified..

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Front Row: Cleve Witham,  Paul Kramer, Ken Walsh & Mark Simkins  Middle Row: Linda Maddox, Mary Beth Walsh, Karen Walsh Town, Robin Bieroth, Andrea Novich, Allison Wentzel & Morgan Nordquist Back Row: Tara Rhea,  Shelly Patterson, Wannetta Birdsill, Jenny Burke & Tammy Wood  Absent:  Leslie Cox

Staff of Ruby Valley National Bank

  • Kenneth Walsh - President
  • Karen Walsh Town - Vice President and Branch Manager
  • Linda Maddox - Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Paul Kramer - Vice President and Loan Officer
  • Mary Beth Walsh - Compliance Officer
  • Mark Simkins - Regulatory Officer
  • Allison Wentzel - Loan Management
  • Cleve Witham - Vice President and Loan Officer
  • Robin Bieroth - Customer Service Specialist
  • Wannetta Birdsell - Customer Service Specialist
  • Jennifer Burke - New Accounts and Receptionist
  • Leslie Cox - Loan Secretary
  • Andrea Novich - Customer Service Specialist
  • Morgan Nordquist - New Accounts and Loan Secretary
  • Shelly Patterson - Customer Service Specialist
  • Tara Rhea - Head Bookkeeper
  • Tammy Wood - Customer Service Specialist


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